Having been a portrait photographer for most of my working life I’ve only recently given thought and appreciation to my longevity in this business.

How it all started

Soon after being hired by a national child and family portrait company in my early 20’s, I realised soon after starting my new career that this was something I was actually very good at.

It seemed easy for me to make children smile and bring out their best and the proof of my good work was in the high sales my work would achieve.

Our cameras were film and simple in function so as to allow creative freedom without worrying about the technical side of photography.

This gave me the opportunity to hone my skills with both family, adults and children.

Another big influence in my photographic life was my time in photojournalism.

Shooting for news and advertising at Fairfax Media and Star Media gave me the opportunity to capture images of people in a different-unposed light.

So my work and experience in portrait and photo-journalism is a combination of the two genres.

It’s great to be different. I’m still evolving for both by clients and my own personal development.